1968         10 Establishment of Hapkido Center Main Building


1985         07 Foundig the Coperation of SungDong Sports Promotion Center


1996         01 Tour of Three countries in Southeast Asia for Hapkido Demonstration


1999         04 Korean-Japanese Martial Arts Tournament Exchange and Demonstration (Nagoya, Japan)


2002         05 Weekly Event of Special Demonstration for KATUSA/U.S.Soldier Freindship  (Yongsan U.S. military base, Seoul) 

                  09 Korean-Japanese Martial Arts Tournament Exchange and Demonstration (Kagoshima Japan)

                  11 Korea Hapkido Martial Arts Federation Workshop (Renaissance Seoul Hotel, Seoul)


2003         01 Korean Army Special Escort Assist Recruitment (Korean Military Manpower Administration)

                  04 Korea Nationwide Hapkido seminar and instructor training (The Grace Hotel)

                  08 World Hapkido Seminar and Referee Education (Seoul Education Culture Center, Seoul)

                  09 World Hakido Martial Arts Association Annual Meeting

                  09 Hapkido Demonstration at ITV (Incheon)

                  09 Education for Hapkido instructor foreign leader (Belgium)

                  10 Permit Seoul World Hapkido Martial Arts Federation

                  10  Founding Regional Brance of World Hapkido Martial Arts Federation in Korea (Seoul, Gyeonggi, Incheon,                                                                Gangwon, Chungnam and Daejeon, Gyeongbuk, Daegu, Ulsan, Jeonbuk, Gwangju, Jeonam, Gyeongbuk, Busan, Jeju)

                  11 Registration of Trademark in Korean Government for World Hapkido Martial Arts Federation


2004         03 Awarding Honorary Danjeung to the Prime Minister of Palestine(Mr. asir Arafat) and Arafat and Hapkido Seminar (Palestine)

                  10 Education for Hapkido national leader and Referee (Chung Cheong University, Cheongju)

                  10 Hapkido Demonstration at Chungju World Martial Arts Festiva

                  12 Kazakhstan Hapkido Seminar (Kazakhstan)


2005         03 Education for Hapkido national leader Referee (Keimyung University, Daegu)

                  04 Education for Hapkido national leader Referee (Segyeong university, Youngwol)

                  04 Seminar for Hapkido instructors and referees (Istanbul, Turkey)

                  06 Hapkido national leader Referee (Geumo Technical High School, Gumi)

                  10 Hapkido Demonstration national coalition Festival (Daelim University)

                  11 Seminar for Hapkido Instructors and Referees (Istanbul, Turkey)


2007         04 Education for Instructor (Junggu Resident Hall)

                  11 2007 National Youth Hapkido martial arts tournament ( Junggu Resident Hall)


2009         04 Esucation for Foreing Martial Arts leaders (Chung Cheong University, Cheongju)

                  11 2009 National Youth Hapkido Martial Arts tournament Competition for President Cup of WHMAF ( Junggu Resident Hall,                                Seoul)


2011         11 3rd World Hapkido Martial Arts Federation (Tongjin Culture and Sports Center)


2012         07 Education of Hapkido instructor for Australian Team of World Taekwondo Academy (WHMAF Headquarter, Seoul)

                  10 Hapkido Seminar for Hapkido supreme leader (Yangji teenagers Training Center)


2014         03 Hapkido national seminar and education for Hapkido leader (Gyeonggi-do Branch taining institute)

                  05 Indonesia Hapkido seminar(Yogyakarta, Bali)

                  10 Indonesia Hapkido seminar and demonstration(Yogyakarta)

                  10 Hapkido instructor overseas work (Indonesia)

                  10 Singapore Hapkido seminar(Singapore)


2015         03 Australia Hapkido seminar (Adelaide)

                  04 Education for Hapkido national leader and Referee (WHMAF Headquarter)

                  08 Education for Indonesian Hapkido Referee and Seminar for Indonesian National leader (Yogyakarta, Bali,  Indonesia)


2016         01 Indonesia Hapkido seminar (Surabaya, Batam, Tanjungpinang)

                  01 Indonesia Hapkido Tournament (Surabaya)

                  01 Singapore Hapkido seminar (Singapore)

                  03 Malaysia Hapkido seminar (Bintulu)

                  04 Italia Hapkido seminar (Rome)

                                                                                                                                                                                     Source: World Hapkido Martial Arts Federation (WHMAF)   www.whmaf.kr

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