Difference between Hapkido and Aikido?

So the common question we get asked is, what’s the difference between Hapkido and Aikido?

It runs a little deeper than just having different nationalities.

It’s said that both modern Hapkido and Aikido share the same ancestry of Daito Ryu, but as with many origin of Martial Arts it needs to be taken with a pinch of salt.

But point is, both Hapkido and Aikido share many similar properties down to how it’s written in Chinese characters. Both utilise redirection of energy with circular motions and the majority of the locks are similar using the same techniques.

The main difference is that Aikido is (almost) use exclusively for defense and never strikes first, honing the 柔 (Soft) style part that makes Aikido technique chain seems smooth flowing.

While Hapkido not only includes the 柔 (Soft) of the martial aspect, it also employs a variety of strikes and kicking techniques, the 剛 (Hard) part of the balance. And while both marital art uses weapons like swords and staffs, Hapkido range of weaponries extend to war fans and ropes.

Hope this blog post shed some light on the topic and everyone is welcome to have a friendly discussion about the topic with the comment below.

Let us know if you have any questions or topics you like to see in the following blog post!




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